Indonesia Fund Fest 2020

After the resounding success of the four editions of the Indonesia Fund Fest, we are back to offer you an opportunity to get funded efficiently and quickly after getting coached & mentored by leading business experts.

If you have an idea, a business in early stage, a bootstrapped startup, a small company ready to scale up, a product in MVP stage, a well experienced team solving problem on ground, a patented product, a behaviour changing product, or a simple idea solving problems related to basic needs of food, clothing & shelter; and have been seeking ways to raise funds from investors, then this platform is JUST for YOU.

Like the previous editions of Indonesia  Fund Fest, we bring back to you the No Sponsors, No Crowds, No Distraction, No Gyaan, No Stalls, No Frill platform which aims to Get the Entrepreneur Funded, Timely & Efficiently.

The process which accelerates the whole process of funding will require the entrepreneurs to apply through the link. The experts will evaluate the companies on basis of elevator pitch & pitch deck shared. Post selection for Pre-Finale the companies will be required to pitch in front of the Jury in July. If selected for Finale, the final participants will get an opportunity to pitch in front of Investors & get the deal on the spot & raise required amount of funds. The rules of the platform require the participants to raise that much amount of money as sought in the beginning or go back empty hand if unable to raise it. The platform does have Deal Masters to facilitate negotiation & conclude on the fair investor play between the entrepreneurs & the investors. The videos are available on YouTube channel of Indonesia Fund Fest.

Over the last few editions, in response to need of entrepreneurs who have brilliant ideas but have had the need to be mentored & coached for their financial aspects with more involvement of investors, has also driven us to launch an intensive program covering all of that.

For the first time ever, Indonesia Fund Fest has launched the IDFF Bootcamp to get the companies Investor Ready before they finally pitch to the Investors in the Finale. The program aims to fill gaps if identified to make the startups attractive for investors to invest in. However, this is solely based on assent by entrepreneurs opting for it & does not hamper their application in Indonesia Fund Fest.

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